When Any Kind of Love Will Do


Reflecting the common longing to be loved, amid the strangeness, humor and unpredictability of the world, When Any Kind of Love Will Do contains stories and memories from hidden corners of the soul.

Meet a woman who bought a loft whose blood-soaked walls make her feel right at home. Read about a witness to a brutal murder who exacts her own revenge. lnhabit the minds of three young people in Manhattan’s West Village who search for meaning in their lives, and see into the mind of a killer and his victim.

These thrilling and imaginative stories tap into our deepest longings and reveal visions of the world that are bewildering, disturbing, or downright hilarious.


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“Liz Amaral is an original, both in her writing and her life. In these stories, you will find delight, horror, comedy, and love, and most of all, surprise. You will be confronted by your own darkness--the boogeymen who hide within you--and by your own humanity. This is a book you will not be able to put down. Hold on--it’s a great ride.”

Kathrin Seitz, author and producer